Nobody can say that their help with a Personal Statement will guarantee you a university place - if they do, then don't pay them and walk away.  However, I can say that after working with me, you will you have a Personal Statement that will give you

every chance of being selected either for interview or directly for your chosen course.


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You can be confident that it is still your Personal Statement


You will be writing it, which is crucial, because it is "Personal", and must have

your touch and your voice coming through loud and clear.


How do I work with you?


I work exclusively on a 1-to-1 basis with a small number of students across the world to help them prepare, write, edit, hone,

re-draft and re-work their personal statements - AND to meet the deadline!


We can work via email, Skype or meet in person (anywhere in the world, schedules permitting)

Your Private Tutor - UK University Personal Statements

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You know that the Personal Statement is a vital part of your application to a UK university.


You know too that deadlines are fast approaching.

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I will show you...

what to put in

what to leave out

what to do

what not to do

how to use your Personal Statement if you then go to an interview

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"I was very happy with the amendments after your advice so sent it off last week.  I have had unconditional offers from 4 of my choices and have decided to accept one of the offers. Thank you so much for all of your help, it's been invaluable."  B.C. from UK; Criminology, Lincoln University


"Dear Roger, I have been sent an offer for my course at Cambridge!  Thank you for your advice!"

J.K. from Austria; Chemistry & Biochemisty, Cambridge University

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